Grace Island/Canopy Rangehood

Grace Island/Canopy Rangehood

from 2,499.00

Like a cinema star, Grace shines with its own special radiance…  It’s beauty, function and design are a real source of light you can’t take your eyes off.

Grace doesn’t give up all her secrets at first glance… because behind the semi translucent opulent glass exterior there is a highly efficient range hood.  All is possible due to Elica’s patented EVOLUTION system.

Grace offers a 300 CFM blower, halogen flood lamp, elegant ambient lighting and a high efficiency filter system that effectively removes cooking grease, heat, smoke and odours, with only a whisper of sound (.3 sones at speed 1) and does all this without dominating the kitchen or obstructing the glorious views outside. 

Think outside the kitchen and consider Grace for an air cleansing role in other rooms of the home, such as a smoky billiard room or den. 

White or Black glass + stainless steel
3 speed + B Magic Wand
550 m³/h booster airflow
Aluminium + long life grease filter

LED 5w 4000K + Halo 3x28w

Max noise level
66 db(A)

Remote control
Extension cable kits

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