Lullaby Ceiling Rangehood 120cm

Lullaby Ceiling Rangehood 120cm


Lullaby is the new ceiling hood by Elica, an architectural, textural and lighting project that becomes the silent protagonist of the kitchen, offering new points of view and giving life to unprecedented situations in which users are pleasantly enveloped by a welcoming environment.

The aim of the Lullaby design is to integrate secondary outlets. Cables in various coloured woven fabric, in steel, copper or rope, a lamp holder in ceramic, copper or wood, large LED light bulbs with warm tones, are just a few examples of the available accessories. Lullaby has been designed to naturally blend in with the architectural space in which it is inserted. The addition of one or more ancillary oak shelves, each 80 cm, offers the possibility to personalise the product exterior.


Natural oak + White soft touch effect

3S + 2B Remote control

800 m./h booster airflow

Aluminium grease filter

Ducted or Recirculating (filtered air)


LED Panel 28 W

Max noise level

53 db(A) Duct Out

64 db(A) Re-circulating

Included Accessories

Remote control

Optional Accessories

Please contact 1300 11 4357.

Timber shelf

Pendant lighting


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