Audrey Island Rangehood

Audrey Island Rangehood


New Evolution is the new edition of Evolution—the first chandelier hoods collection launched in the world by Elica in 2005. The new high performing range, which includes Audrey, offers innovative shapes and finishings for multi-functional models which can guarantee air and light quality for the right atmosphere in every space. 

Designed by Fabrizio Crisá, Audrey can be either island mounted, suspended from your ceiling, or wall mounted and is characterized by a high efficiency motor with perimeter aspiration and LED light. With its soft and rounded silhouette, Audrey is available in a striking polished steel finish.

Audrey helps keeps the air clean with the new Revolution Filter by Elica. Able to reach filtering levels higher than 82% (against the market average which is approximately 60%) this allows you to cook with confidence. Plus, with simple cleaning this new filter can also regenerate itself and last up to 3 years.

3 speed + B remote control
550 m³/h booster airflow
Aluminium + Long life filter grease filter


Max noise level
53 db(A)

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