Induction Cooktop
& Integrated Rangehood

Induction Cooktop
& Integrated Rangehood

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NikolaTesla is Elica’s first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air suction system. The central fan, a cooker hood perfectly integrated into the cooktop itself, guarantees high performance in terms of fume capture, silence and energy efficiency.

The NikolaTesla induction and air suction cooktop is available in both filter and duct-out versions. It is designed to suit all types of space and meet all installation requirements through a series of accessories supplied by Elica.

The HP version features the slider control that allows you to adjust the cooking zones and suction with a simple gesture. It also comes with intelligent system technology thanks to which the suction decreases by degrees, until the complete elimination of residual odours and fumes

Built-in Rangehood Features

9 speed + B Touch control

GME Version: 900 m³/h booster airflow

Filtered: 600 m³/h booster airflow

Cooktop Features

Touch controls

9 power levels

Residua heat indicator


Child lock

Safety shut down

Wireless connectivity

Bridge cooking zone

Pot detector

Stop and Go

Cooking Area (HP Model)

4 x (2,1 - 3,7 KW) - 18 x 20cm

2 x Bridge Cooking Zones

Cooking Area (non-HP Model)

1 x (2,1 - 3 KW) - 18 x 20cm

1 x (1,6 - 1,85 KW) - 18 x 20cm

1 x (2,3 - 3 KW) - ø20cm

1 x (1,4 KW) - ø16cm

1 x Bridge Cooking Zone

Included Accessories

GME Version: Aluminium grease filter

Filtered Version: Aluminium grease filter + Ceramic filter

Max noise level

59 db(A)

Product Spec Sheet

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